Documentation: Seamless Studio


Understanding the Interface

Document Modes

Seamless Studio has two primary document modes to pick from when creating a new document:

COLOURlovers Template

This mode constrains the pattern to 5 colors. This has a few advantages:

Custom Colors

The Custom Colors mode allows your pattern to have an infinite number of colors—any shape can be any color. Note: When your pattern uses this mode, it cannot be uploaded to

Note: If you decide you want to change the document mode later on, navigate to "Edit" → "Canvas Settings…" in the top menu bar.

Layer Management

Under the layers section on the left side of the app are 8 icons for modifying the selected layer you're working with.

Custom Shapes


Seamless Studio allows you to import SVGs from other programs to use as shapes in your patterns. To import a shape, navigate to "File""Import Shape…" in the top menu bar. Once you select an SVG, it will appear in the "My Shapes" category under the Shapes tab.

When you exit Seamless, the shapes you have imported will not be removed—they will be there when you start the program again.

Note: Seamless Studio will override any colors existing in the SVG. All gradients and images will be removed and the entire contents of the SVG will be filled with a solid color.

Defining from Layers

Seamless Studio makes it easy to define custom shapes from layers in your project. First, select the layers you wish to make into a shape (by holding down the Option key on Macs, or the Ctrl key on Windows). Then, right-click on the layers in the Layers pane and find "Add to My Shapes".

Saving layers as shapes this way does not flatten them. When you go to use a shape defined this way, each individual layer will be inserted into the document (which you can then individually rotate, scale, recolor, etc as you would normally).


The shapes listed in the "My Shapes" category in the Shapes pane can be removed. Simply right-click on the icon of shape you wish delete, and press the "Remove" button that appears.