Documentation: Seamless Studio


Note: Seamless Studio requires the Adobe® AIR® runtime (version 2.6 or higher) to operate. When you run the Seamless Studio installer (*.dmg on Mac, *.exe on Windows), AIR will be downloaded and installed automatically if necessary. However, if you wish to install AIR on your own before installing Seamless, please visit:

If you haven't already downloaded Seamless Studio, find the right installer for your operating system below:

Windows v1.1.2
Mac v1.1.2
Note: You must have Adobe® AIR® installed first to run this installer.

To begin, run the installer provided for your operating system. The installer will step you through the installation process. If you need additional guidance, read the more detailed guide below.


Once you run "seamless.dmg", a dialog will pop up that shows an icon labeled "Install Seamless Studio". Double-click this icon to begin the installation. The installer will ask you where you wish to install Seamless. It's recommended that you keep the default settings, and install to the "/Applications" folder, as shown below:

After pressing the Continue button, the installer will ask you to accept the Adobe® AIR® license agreement ( if it detects that it needs to be installed:

And that's it! After the installer goes through its motions, Seamless will be installed and appear in your Applications menu with all your other software. If you left the "Start application after installation" checkbox checked (screenshot), Seamless will start up automatically and you'll be on your way to making awesome patterns.